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Our Mission

Our goal at Renovatio is to help you overcome any credit report obstacle that you might be encountering. Banks are looking for any reason under the sun to deny you the extra capital you’re requesting or need. You might even bank with them, however, they still won’t help you.

It could be a number of credit reasons: you may have a tax lien, judgment, collection or you even a filed past bankruptcy. Regardless of the scenario, Renovatio is here to help you overcome it and get back to A+ Credit.

If you have the will, we’ll get the job done in the quickest turn time possible.


Tiana M.

Zev really turned things around for me. What I thought was a hopeless situation that I carried around with me for over a decade, Zev brought hope back to my life 🙂 He helped boost my credit score beyond what I thought was even possible. I was approved for 2 Amex cards which I needed […]

William B. (Napa Valley)

After going through a very contentious divorce, my credit score was basically in shambles. Zev looked at my credit situation and explained in detail how he would be able to help. He then meticulously went to work on repairing these problems until they were gone. I would highly recommend Zev to anyone that has any […]

Rabbi Shmuel M.

Zev was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very professional. He got back to us right away and we immediately saw results.

Steven E. (California)

Between credit card late payments and missed student loan payments, my credit score was in the dumps. My credit was so bad I couldn’t even open a bank account let alone get a gift card!! My hopes were really down until I was introduced to Zeev. Not only did he get my score up nearly […]

Shneur S. (San Diego)

I cannot say enough how happy I am with Renovatio. I ruined my credit when I was 18 and even after finally getting my payments in order the highest I was able to repair my credit to was 580. I still had a bunch of charge off’s and late payments together with. ton of inquiries […]

Jack Pitchon

Renovatio helped me start a new chapter in my life by removing all negative items quickly and effectively. I now have perfectly clean credit, the credit cards I wanted to get and most importantly a fresh start. Thank you so much!

Chaim Shaul B. (New York

“It is not easy to discover the hard working and honest ones in the business of credit repair. After all, there is a degree of trust involved. Finding Renovatio was a true breath of fresh air. Zev worked hard and diligent for me and he had great success with me. With his assistance my credit […]

Sarah Z. (New York)

Renovatio is a miracle worker!!!! My credit was such a total bummer from my divorce years ago, Renovatio helped me clean my credit and I just received a credit limit that was an amount I would never have expected!!!! I cannot say enough about their professional attitude, and his make it happen approach.

Shahram Z.

After thinking bad credit was going to stick with me for the rest of my life, I met Ze’ev and like a master mason he chipped way at my bad credit till it was almost perfect. I honestly never thought I could have such excellent credit but now I think it’s possible for anyone.

Yochonon B. (Los Angeles, CA)

Ze’ev is a straight forward and forthright individual. He will tell you what he can and cannot do, and will stay on top of the situation until it is resolved. Unlike others who make promises, but don’t always deliver, Ze’ev is results driven, and will deliver as promised.

The Renovatio Advantage

At Renovatio we’re not afraid to get creative in order to get your credit squeaky clean. We are confident that we’re going to be able to repair your credit. We’re up front and honest from start to signing, with no added hassles. Most importantly, besides a small initial deposit, you won’t be paying anything until work is completed, THAT’s how confident we are.

Once we’ve completed our job and your credit is repaired, we can then help you cross your next bridge on your financial quest. Whether it’s a new car, apartment, credit card, or loan, we handle it all.

When you want to repair or build up your credit Renovatio is the way to go. All across the board we beat our competitor’s turnaround times, and have a 1 on 1 approach with every client unlike any other company out there. And we always look to ensure you have the lowest bottom line expense – that’s our bottom line.

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